GPredict:How to export the value of a parameter?

I want to fetch the value of Doppler Shift from GPredict for a satellite.So, please suggest some way by which we can export value of a parameter from the source code.

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@cp1: Do you want to have the current Doppler shift of a selected satellite from within GPredict available to an external program in real-time? Which other parameters are you interested in?

In order to get the doppler-corrected frequency in real-time you can interface GPredict with any radio model in rigctl (from the hamlib package).
By adding a pseudo radio model to rigctl you would have an export of the doppler-corrected frequency (and thus almost the Doppler shift you are interested in).

The only other parameters this is possible for are AzEl/pointings from a certain location to the selected satellite. For those you could add a psedo anntenna-rotator model to rotctl (also a hamlib tool).


Thanks for the solution. I will try implementing the above solution.
Basically, I need to feed the doppler corrected frequencies to a receiver IC (not a radio) present at my location.So, is there any other do this method to do this ?