Gpredict and SDRUno software for a SAT station

I have a SDRPLAY RSP2 and wanted to use it awhile back so that I could use my Yaesu FT-991A and the SDR2 for full duplex operation.

I was successful in getting rigctrld to work with VSPE, HAMLIB RIGCTRLD, and Gpredict on Win10. The setup is stable for Doppler control for satellite work, of both the FT-991A(you can use the rig of your choice) and the RSP2.

In Gpredict the Yaesu FT-991A is Device 2., and SDRUno is Device 1. Make sure in preferences/interfaces you use separate port numbers

VSPE 64bit was the key(for my WIN 10, 64Bit computer). Using their “connection” Emulation, I set it to an unused COM port. It is a straight connection from the COM port(of your choice) to the SDR2.

SDRPlay uses a TS 440 OR 480 RIGS(for emulation). To connect at my station, I used a TS-480.

The .BAT file for Hamlib = use the Kenwood TS440 or 480, and assign the COM port you use in the VSPE emulation.

This is the BAT file that works for the SDRUno, for me. This bat file is for the older HAMLIB definitions. You would have to change the RIG 3 digit to the new 4 digit, as this is a HAMLIB 3.3 BAT file. Adjust it to your needs.

cd \Program Files (x86)\hamlib-w64-3.3\bin\rigctld.exe -vvvvv -r \.\com12 -m 228 -s 38400 -t 4534 -C “serial_speed=38400,stop_bits=2,rts_state=ON,dtr_state=OFF,serial_handshake=None”

Start VSPE, selected to an unused COM port, as above.

Run the .BAT file for Hamlib(SDRUno) A must before starting Gpredict.

Start Gpredict, set up as above.

Start SDRUno and Select SETT, and connect the CAT tab to the COM port in the .BAT file(same as in VSPE)

Adjust your settings for your use.

This is a short synopsis of the procedure. Of course you could just use this for receiving only, as you would have to provide front end protection for the RSP2 if you use it for full duplex for a XMIT/REC operation.

I posted this information here, as you could just use the SDRPlay SDR for a satellite receive only station using Gpredict. A few months I looked all over to accomplish this, and came up blank. So hopefully this might give someone a few ideas for their station.


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