Gpredict and iOptron hamlib backend

I have implemented a hamlib back end for iOptron alt-az mounts. In testing with Gpredict it appears to work well with my iEQ45 Pro. The only small issue is that if I set minimum elevation to 5 degrees in the Gpredict rotor interface, the program still drives the mount down to zero. Is there a Gpredict issue with minimum elevation? I didn’t see a hamlib method for setting the mount minimum elevation in the mount. Did I miss something?

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Hi Bob,

This sounds like a bug. I’m too busy to take a closer look at it right now but I have opened an issue in our issue tracker to make sure I don’t forget about it. If confirmed, I will make sure to have this fixed for the next release.


Hi Bob @KD8CGH

This issue should now be fixed in the code repository, so if you build gpredict from source you can just pull again and rebuild. Otherwise, I will make some beta snapshots soon.


I’m on vacation this week, but will recompile and test next week.