GPredict and IC-910 control ==> progress ==> help please


Mike W9MDB has been very actively working on improving the functionality of HamLib. We have been testing software improvements for the GPredict to the Icom IC-910 using the rigctrl interface. The latest HamLib commit reflects these. Both duplex VFO A/B and satmode (main sub) are now working when split or satmodes are set on the rig. A GPredict user can also automatically change from split to satmode from within GPredict, but but not (yet) back.

We are asking the GPredict team to help adding a GPredict call feature in that upon “engage” to also request VFO split mode, i.e., S1 VFO B, or S1 VFO A, so this automation both ways may be realized.

It would be appreciated if one of the GPredict developers could contact Mike at mdblack98 at yahoo dot com to discuss.


I’m closing this thread because the same discussion is already going on in at least two threads on GitHub.