Gpredict 2.2 released




I just wanted to let everyone know that Gpredict 2.2 has been released :slight_smile:

Changes in this release:

  • New Monitor mode for antenna controller
  • Improved satellite search field in module editor
  • Finished migration to Gtk+ 3
  • Fixed time controller jumping to January in manual mode when using local time
  • Fixed crash when connecting to rotctld server that isn’t running
  • Fixed missing version number in Debian packages
  • Avoid using gcc-specific language extensions
  • Fixed some automake warnings
  • Fixed “GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent…” messages
  • Various internal bugfixes and improvements
  • Updated translations
  • Updated satellite data
  • Updated windows build files

Source code, Windows binary and user manual is available on GitHub or SourceForge.

Binaries for Debian-based systems will soon be available from our PPA or Debian Unstable.

Linux AppImage is a work in progress.

For Mac OS X please try MacPorts.

Thanks to all contributors!

Happy tracking!


Macintosh people - if anyone successfully installs Gpredict 2.0 or 2.2 please post here. I have been working through an installation via MacPorts (have installed 1.3 on several Macs) but have not made it work yet.


I took a quick look at what it would take to create a self contained app bundle for Mac OS X and I think it it is too much work for me now. So the only hope left is Macports.


Alexandru - there is a guy in Italy that I have exchanged email with that has Gpredict 2.0 running but I think that he installed from source. I am trying to work with him to install via MacPorts and will post here when I have any results.


Hi … sorry for the noob question but … I cloned the project from git and found there is no “configure” script … not sure what to do. Thanks.


You could start with reading the README file included in the source tree :slight_smile:


I did … :slight_smile: … that where it says to “change to gpredict-x.y.z” and run “./configure” … but it doesn’t exist :expressionless:

pabut@runner:~/gpredict$ ls
AUTHORS ChangeLog COPYING doc pixmaps README win32 data git-version-gen NEWS po src


You need to pay attention to the details. The above instructions apply to a release tarball, e.g.

If you continue in the readme to the next section:

If you are building directly from the git repository, you have to run
./ instead of of configure. You can pass the same options to the script as you would to the configure script.


Doh! … got it … Thanks!