Gperdict behaviour calculation on very low orbit

Our pocketcube sat, Smog-P now finished its mission, and its short life. It seems, the report about it was published by JA0CAW from Japan, who was the first, received the first signal from it. Thank you, Tetsurou san!

I followed the next possible pass over our ground station, here in Budapest with the Gpredict. It was interesting, because it calculated unsure values, and time to time the Smog-P appears on the margins of diagram, and dispperaed again. Maybe it is interesting to check this behaviour on similar situation.
t.janos hg5apz

This is the last tle, which produced the very low earth orbit at the decay:
1 44832U 19084J 20271.87987910 .07909174 22779-5 10183-2 0 9998
2 44832 96.9423 143.8871 0009641 231.5598 128.4835 16.35747949 46748

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