Googled this community through AWS groundstation key

I have finally understood at least I think I did how and what the project serves. The basics at least.

I have no abilities but to ask how to find satelita data?
Is there any data readable by high school educated person who is superficialy interested in everything?

For example I was trying to find data readings from a satelites eg. temperature.
What kind of other data is acquired?

Hi @markotitel,

Satellite data can be found at three different places:

  1. In network:

Network is the site where stations of the SatNOGS network are assigned with their observations. Many of them have demodulated (and sometimes decoded) data. In this link you will find all the observations of the network that have data (I have used a filter for showing only them). Click on them and go to the data tab to see what are the demodulated/decoded data.

There are also observations without demodulated/decoded data, some of them have voice in their audio, for example this one that has the ISS astronaut voice during a contact with a school. You may also want to see some images, try to filter satellites, choose the NOAA ones or the METEOR ones.

  1. In db:

DB is where info for satellites and their transmitters are gathered by the community and also it stores the data (from the network and from other external sources) of each satellite. Probably it will not be very useful for you as you can only bulk download these data by visiting each satellite page.

  1. In dashboard:

Dashboard is where the data, after a decoding process, are visualized and give useful information. So, for example you can see here a dashboard about the telemetry data that are received from CubeBel-1 satellite. By clicking on the top left menu you can select dashboards for other satellites. Most of the dashboards are still work in progress but already in a good shape.

So, about the kind of data that are received, they could be images, voice, text, telemetry data like temperatures, voltages, currents, gyroscope etc…

One thing I would like to point out is that SatNOGS project as part of LibreSpace Foundation follows the open and free philosophy for software, hardware and data.

I know SatNOGS is a big project and maybe a small chaos for people starting with it, so feel free to ask any question, but first check the wiki where you probably find some answers.