Google Summer of Code 2021 Changes and Project Ideas

Libre Space Foundation aims to participate as a mentoring in Google Summer of Code 2021 (selected organizations will be announced March 9th 2021). This post will be updated accordingly:

Keep in mind that Google has announced several changes in the programme changing the focus to smaller projects.

  • Smaller project size - all students participating in the 2021 program will be working on a 175 hour project (instead of the previous standard of 350 hrs project).
  • Shortened coding period - the coding period will be 10 weeks with a lot more flexibility for the mentor and student to decide together how they want to spread the work out over the summer. Some folks may choose to stick to a 17-18 hour a week schedule with their students, others may factor in a couple of breaks during the program (for student and mentor) and some may have students focus 30 hours a week on their project so they wrap up in 6 weeks. This also makes it a lot easier for students with finals or other commitments to adjust their schedules.
  • 2 evaluations (instead of 3) - There will be an evaluation after 5 weeks and the final evaluation will take place after the 10th week. Google will no longer require students complete their first evaluation (but they are encouraged to do so), so if a student doesn’t complete the first evaluation they will not automatically be removed from the program. They are still required to complete the final evaluation.
  • Eligibility requirements - Students who are 18 years old AND currently enrolled (or accepted into) a post-secondary (college, university, masters program, PhD program, undergraduate program, licensed coding school or similar type of program) academic program as of May 17, 2021 or have graduated from a post-secondary academic program between December 1, 2020 and May 17, 2021 to apply to the GSoC program. Proof of enrollment instructions.

Information on Libre Space Foundations’s participation and creating ideas is available here

If you have ideas you would like to suggest feel free to add them by creating an “Issue” and choose the “idea” template from the drop-down menu next to Title. and add the “gsoc-2021” label.