GitHub repos re-org and maintainers

After much thought and input from all of you we went ahead and re-organized, restructured and renamed most of our GitHub repositories. More info below (probably a wiki page in Github soon too):


SatNOGS uses GitHub for code, hardware, designs and issues repositories around the project. Each repository has a main and a co- maintainer who are ultimately responsible for committing code, versioning, accepting pull requests, triaging issues and generally owning the repo.


Any repo originating from SatNOGS project is named using satnogs-<name> (e.g. satnogs-rotator). We also maintain forks of other projects retaining their original names (e.g. rtl-sdr)


Most hardware repos will be following this scheme:

  • master is for current dev work,
  • major versions will be branched out of master with major version number (e.g. v2)
  • minor versions will be tags (e.g. v2.1)

All software repos are following this scheme:

  • master represents the current production-ready work
  • featured branches are created for development (e.g. 21-add-single-view)
  • tags will be created for major revisions that we want to point to (e.g. v3)

Some repos (minority, like satnogs-antennas) will be following a folders-based versioning as it fits more their development scheme. (sorry git lovers!)

List of repos with descriptions and maintainers

Also posted on GitHub: