Ggrx software record and mode


My name is Pablo, we had worked on various issues thanks to the satnogs network. We can decode and process data (using direwolf and our backend), we even publish a general purpose GS ( Now we are going to work in our ground station and that is not my strong point. As far as I concerned, just for testing, I should record the audio from the pass (I have no problem with gpredict and SDR) and then decode with direwolf, just like the audio from satnogs. My question is, how should I record the audio in gqrx?
Should I use FM mode to demodulate? What mode should I use if my satellite transmits FSK? I can not find documentation about it and I am not sure if it is necessary to work with gnu radio

Thanks in advance…

Most likely ‘Narrow FM’ mode to record.

Which satellite?

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Thanks satcolintel5,

Yes, I suspected it but I didn’t sure.
I started with UHF satellites, because I have a yagi anntena designed for those satellites.
Now I have a record from Lume-1 and sound good, I can heard the beacon each 20 seconds. Also a I found this source of information:

I will continue recording using Narrow FM and I will try to decode.

Thanks again.

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