Getting Dashboard permission

How can i get dashboard permission?

I want to make SNIPE dashboard, but i don’t know how i can create dashboard and need some hints to make it.

In order to create a dashboard you need to decode the received data first, so you need to create katai struct that will generate the decoder.

However, SNIPE satellites are using the radio amateur spectrum without IARU coordinated frequencies.

IARU coordination is necessary in order to get the best out of the limited radio frequency that is given to the radio amateur missions, for example avoid RF collisions between satellites like this one where SNIPE D signal collides with ISS radio amateur voice repeater.

IARU also verifies during the coordination process that the missions are radio amateur ones, in other words verifies that missions have value for radio amateurs and follow the radio amateur rules and regulations.

Given the above, as community and as SatNOGS (LSF) project, in order to pressure satellite teams to coordinate their missions frequencies, among other measures, we don’t support dashboards for missions that haven’t been coordinated.