Geoscan wav file today

Hello all,
I recorded today the passage of Geoscan in Wav file.
Can someone get a picture of it.
I also have the file in kiss and hex mode.
Thank you for your help.
Jean Claude F6HDW

Have a look at my guide, method #2 should do it.
I updated the tool yesterday to support .kiss files directly.

Hello Daniel,
Thank you for your quick reply.
I saw your guide and I will try to see if I can put it into practice
but given my age (80 years old) it will cause me problems.Hi
Have a good evening

If you don’t have a system with python installed already you can certainly use your satnogs station, I have tried them on python v3.7 to v3.11 and does not need any additional libraries installed.

If you don’t succeed, you could attach the kiss or hex file here. some extensions are not allowed so try renaming to .txt or .bin if it refuses.

Hello Daniel,
I send you the kss file to know if my reception of Geoscan is good because it is the first time that I managed to make a recording.
Thank you for your help.

2023-01-10_f6hdw_rs20sgeo.txt (120.6 KB)

It sure is proper data in it, unfortunately there seems to be frames missing. This results in a garbled image as jpeg is very sensitive for this.

Thank you very much Daniel.
I am happy to see this result even if it is not very good.
My reception conditions are not good here in the mountain area. (Pyrénées)
Now I will try to work on your program.
Thank you again for your time spent helping me.
F6HDW Jean Claude

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