Geoscan-Edelveis integration

Hello there, dear SatNOGS!
I am one of the developers of Geoscan-Edelveis. The satellite will launch in early august 2022 (i am also planning to add info about this launch in Launches sections as soon as more information will be available). Our team is eagerly waiting for satellite to be launched and to transmit our telemetry to amateurs around the world. We are currently working on our Gnu-Radio flowgraph and we need some help. Geoscan-Edelveis have CC1125 chip on-board which will transmit GFSK 9k6 packets with default CC1125 format and we are encapsulating AX25 packet in its data field. We have custom sync-word. What’s the best way to integrate our mission to satnogs? Should we made our own flowgraph or existing flowgraph will suit our format?

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I will add our protocol here
GRTP.pdf (339.9 KB)

Welcome and good luck with the development.

Please make sure you adhere to IARU standards, Changes in Network and DB for satellites that violate frequency regulations

Thank you! We have already informed IARU about our mission and sent frequency coordination request.
We know about all regulations and we would like to follow them.


Thank you very much, I found the request IARU Sat Coordinator