Gave it a try, but not for me

I gave this a try. Got things working and even made a few hundred observations, and wanted to improve my antennas and do more. But, SATNOGS software is too unreliable and buggy for me. I tried using the auto-scheduler and it worked, till it didn’t, for no apparent reason. So I went back to manual schedules, and a config that had worked, stopped, again for no apparent reason.

I cannot see devoting what are (nowadays) a precious Pi4 to something I have to nurse to keep running, and which cannot be fully automated.


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Hey @K2PI, sorry to hear you are having issues.

There must be some logs that we can help you debug. Did you keep anything?

Again, logs would be helpful. Did you try our Troubleshooting guide?

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Hi. What errors did you hit? I’ve had downtime from user error, but have been able to run the Pi SatNOGS software & OS without problems.

I did. I tried just about everything. In the end, I rebuilt it all from scratch, and have decided not to use the auto-scheduler. I ended up having to reinstall it every time I needed to use it anyway, and that must have eventually caused some broken dependencies. I am operating without it for now, but it is very inconvenient to have to schedule passes manually.


I would get intermittent failures to connect and download satellite info, so I just wiped the card and started from scratch. Seems to be working now. Sorry for the delay in responding. Time got away from me.


Hey, no worries. Glad you got it going. :slight_smile:

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