Gain RTL-SDR and LNA


Hello all,
What are the best gain settings for a rtl-sdr followed by a SPF5189Z LNA. I tried several RF gain values but without success.
At the moment I have a JPOLE VHF / UHF antenna.
Later I plan to couple the RASPBERRY with Rotor Yagis antennas.
Thank you for your help.

F6HDW Jean Claude


It is hard to tell without checking the setup on various configurations. Did you try the guide here ?


Hello Pierros,
thank’s for your answer.
I will look at this file and see if I can improve my receptions.
Possibly if someone has the same configuration as me (RTL-SDR and LNA SPF5189Z) I would like to know its parameters.
Thank you
F6HDW Jean Claude


Hi, this is my one cent :wink:




Hello Victor,
thank’s for your PDF.
It is very well documented and it gives a good idea for my settings.
73 from F6HDW Jean Claude