Gain RTL-SDR and LNA

Hello all,
What are the best gain settings for a rtl-sdr followed by a SPF5189Z LNA. I tried several RF gain values but without success.
At the moment I have a JPOLE VHF / UHF antenna.
Later I plan to couple the RASPBERRY with Rotor Yagis antennas.
Thank you for your help.

F6HDW Jean Claude

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It is hard to tell without checking the setup on various configurations. Did you try the guide here ?


Hello Pierros,
thank’s for your answer.
I will look at this file and see if I can improve my receptions.
Possibly if someone has the same configuration as me (RTL-SDR and LNA SPF5189Z) I would like to know its parameters.
Thank you
F6HDW Jean Claude

Hi, this is my one cent :wink:




Hello Victor,
thank’s for your PDF.
It is very well documented and it gives a good idea for my settings.
73 from F6HDW Jean Claude