G5500 Arduino Shield

I built a G5500 Arduino Shield. I measured the output voltage on the DIN pins of Yaesu GS-232 for commands R (CW), L(CCW), U(UP) and D(Down). The voltage was ~.625v. I wrote a simple Arduino sketch to test the G5500 shield for the same commands. The voltages were < 0.001. It was my understanding that the G5500 shield was a replacement for GS-232. I would expect the output voltages to be similar. Are these the expected measurements? I could have hoses up something.
The only test equipment that I have is a Fluke 87III Multimeter.

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When calibrating my computer interfaces for my G5400, I see voltages on the Az and El position outputs of ~0.5 at min rotation (full CCW) up to 4.8-5.03 volts at max (full CW). I think 5500 should be similar. I have not checked other lines and can’t say what are the correct voltages for the direction switches.