I’m not a hardware guy! sorry for what is a simple question

Building adushield, what should be the working voltage rating for c1~c6 .01uF capacitors? I purchased 50V and they are way too small to fit the pcb. They are called out as C_Disc_D6_P5 which I think means 5mm spacing on the leads. Still got a lot too learn.


Hey! You can bend the legs of capacitor in order to place it, check this “Changing Lead Spacing (Pitch)”.
The 50V rating it is right, as you can see in datasheet of g5500 controller.

Thank you for your input, but how is that relevant to G5500 ardushield? seems like GS232(a/b) which is the device that is being replaced is more relevant. Maybe I should consider a different project as I know nothing about electronic circuits. I was expecting a more clear detail on how to build this device. It is not as simple as purchasing what one thinks are the correct parts from the BOM and building the the board. Building the K3NG software is not a concern I have been playing with it for a couple of weeks.

The point that I’m trying to make is that G5500-ardushield was designed with specific components most of witch are listed in the BOM but C1-C6 only list 10n and layout pattern for the PCB and not the working voltage. Does the working voltage make a difference say 50 volts vs 500 volts I have no idea. The designer certainly must have had a design value.

the capacitors are necessary for the correct operation of the board, however, it does not mention the working voltage because it is irrelevant in this case since any capacitor with a working voltage higher than 6v will work.

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Thank you for the explanation.