G-5500 Hamlib rotator does not connect

Hey guys,

I have an issue with integrating my rotator to the setup:

‘serial_open: Unable to open localhost:4533 - No such file or directory’

via telnet I can connect to port 4533 and move the rotator manually, but the satnogs client is looking for a serial port.

Any ideas?

Thanks DL2ZZ

If you are talking to a separate rotctld server, then you will need to use the rotator model of ROT_MODEL_NETROTCTL

Thanks, this is working now!

I realised another issue:
My G232A returns +180 when it points to North.
The range 0deg - 450deg is mapped to ±180deg, which messes up everything.
The manual does not state that one can change this, infers that it is calibrated to return 0-450deg, but after calibration does not.

In case somebody has encountered this issue, I would appreciate a hint.

I built a K3NG rotor shield and found during setup, I found in the documentation, that the ‘original’ GS-232A has a command to switch between North centered and South centered (which solved the issue form the previous post):


Unfortunately this command is not documented in the Yaeso manual, so I am adding the note here for other people with the same issue. Just keep in mind, that the Z-command needs to be executed each time the GS-232A power-cycles…