Future Passes broken by Min Horizon?

I noticed that if I set my minimum horizon to anything other than 8° I get significantly fewer future passes and "Calculating Future Passes " never goes away, currently trying to use 5° as my minimum.

This is probably affected by a bug we have. Currently when a satellite has been re-entered but isn’t marked as such in DB, it causes crash on calculating observations and the process stops.

My guess is that when you change your horizon you hit one of them and the process stops and you see few passes.

The workaround for now is to set in DB that the satellite has re-entered. I set a couple few minutes ago, so temporarily you should see all the passes.

The issue is fixed and tested in our development environment and it will be deployed by the end of the week.

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@argusnavis please, now we have the new version deployed, check and confirm that you can get future passes for the next 24h for your station.

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It works now, thanks!


It’s happening again.