Funcube Dongle Pro+ Support

I searched the past community posts, but didn’t see a clear answer on whether or not the Funcube Dongle Pro+ is supported by SatNOGS. I tried a few different values for SATNOGS_RX_DEVICE like ‘fcd’, ‘fcdpp’, and ‘fcdproplus’, but I haven’t yet been able to record audio from a satellite pass. Is it possible to use the Funcube Dongle Pro+ as an SDR for SatNOGS?

Currently gr-satnogs uses gr-osmosdr to interface with the SDR hardware.
In the gr-osmosdr dcumentation the configuration for using the Funcube Dongle Pro+ is described.

In future releases gr-satnogs will replace gr-osmosdr with gr-soapy for hardware support, which will invalidate my previous statements.

Fabian, thank you for the reply. In reading through the documentation this suggests that I have to delve to a deeper level than simply changing a parameter in the satnogs-setup configuration? I am a newbie to SatNOGS and GNU Radio, and was hoping all I had to do was to set the SATNOGS_RX_DEVICE value to a magic string and perhaps tweak the gain settings a little bit in satnogs-setup.

The Funcube Dongle Pro+ has a fixed sample rate of 192 kHz (see this post).

According to this previous post the gr-satnogs scripts assume an initial sampling rate over 200kHz, so neither of the Funcube Dongles is supported currently.

I’d join @cshields and recommend to get an rtl-sdr instead.

Fabian, thank you for the follow-up. I have ordered an rtl-sdr dongle.