FRQ & General Qs: Set & Schedule Favourites, Decoders & Defaults

Feature Request (or code editting location needed!)

I would like to be able to:

  1. Favourite (/heart or /like) an observation.
  2. Schedule all passes on a certain satellite indefinately.
  3. Plot the reception success direction for a pass (e.g. SNR in colour, but on the polar plot).
    Any ideas/code locations I/someone would add these features?

And while I’m here:
4. How’d I connect decoders to receptions?
5. How’s I set defaults for certain satellites (e.g. NOAA comes up with incorrect default frequencies)

73s Chris


HI @drchrisbridges – the best place to submit a feature request is at the Gitlab repository for satnogs-network. That’s also where code is hosted; you can find more details on how to contribute to software on the wiki.

Off the top of my head: #2 might be difficult at the moment due to the way that TLE updates are handled; see the earlier discussion for details. #4 I think is handled by the website – that is, if the data format for a particular satellite has a decoder in the project already, and if the recorded data is good enough, it happens automatically.



Thanks for the info. I’ll check the gitlab repo.

Could you (or anyone) point me to a couple of observations where the decoding has occurred please?

I haven’t found any. 73s C

If you start with the list of good observations, then all that have a small paper icon have data.


Hey Alex, I was trying to figure out if only FSK9K6 and APT decoders were working.
There’s a lot of 1K2 around but no decodes. 73s C

I think AFSK should be decoded, but I am not sure

AFSK and FSK can be decoded using the same decoder from what I have found so yea.

Maybe decoding is not happening on some, because for instance the encoding is set wrongly?

Look a these two new sats

IRAZU gets decoded, but not UBAKUSAT

They exactly the same modulation and data format according to DK3WN website

In that case nSight-1 must also be changed to FSK9k6

I am going to choose a few “birds” that have been decoded on other stations, on my station and see.

These encodings seems to be working looking at good observations

APT of course,

looking at recent observations

Next question is it being uploaded to the dB if it is decoded?

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