FreeCAD Rocketry Workbench

Hello all, a while ago I posted a discussion post on the FreeCAD forum proposing an idea for a rocketry workbench. It got some interest and V1.0 has just been released for manual install. It has tools for automatic creation of many low, mid and HPR airframe components including a range of nosecones (including Haack and VK etc), transitions, fins, tubes, centring rings and more. It’s early days but looking at the issues and the FreeCAD forum threads the roadmap looks superb. RASAero/Rocksim/Openrocket import etc, of course it resulting geometries can be used in all the amazing workbenches FreeCAD already has to offer.


Just a tiny update for the FreeCAD users here, it’s now available via the addon manager so no more mucking about with downloads and zips.