For which satellites should I expect decoding?

In this post Observation 4128619: METEOR M-2 (40069) @EelkeVisser pointed to how decode Meteor 2 data, which is not enabled by default - for some satellites I see that I have somewhat good signal but no decode of data - is there a list of satellites that are decoded by default and list of “contrib” decoders which cover more and some yet to be written decoders for satellites?

It would be useful to have some info on satellite-transmitter pair whether it is default, contrib or not yet decodable. Is this info visible somewhere in the UI and I’m missing it?

There isn’t an easy way to find out all the satellites that have been decoded in Network, but you can browse through Good observations by having the with Data filter enabled by following this link.

You an find the flowgraphs for demodulating(most of times frames are demodulated and not decoded with some exception like SSTV, APT, CW) in For more new demodulators you need to create a new flowgraph.

For checking which flowgraph runs for which mode you can check the client code.

For decoders that can actually decode and make (almost in most cases) the frames human readable, you can follow the satnogs-decoders project.