First meet-up - SatNOGS in Cape Town, South Africa

Hello SatNOGS Community!

We are UCT Maker Society from the University of Cape Town, here in South Africa and we are building our own ground station. We had our first meet-up last night, where we spoke about how we’re going to build ground station, where to put it etc. The response has been really good so far, this project inspires a lot of people to get involved in the maker movement. We’ll be contributing a lot in the near future, once everyone here is on the same page :smiley:

We launch a lot of cubesat/high altitude projects at UCT, so projects like this are ideal.

A few people watching the THP Finals video


Awesome to have you onboard :slight_smile:

Very good to have you in this community! :grinning:

If you need any information, or any kind of help, do not hesitate, let us know how we can help!