First Community Call - When?

Hey all!

The community has been growing steadily lately, and many new faces are joining us all the team. Also many people have questions/comments and feedback even on core topics and directions.

It would be great to get some face time every once in a while with as many of you as possible so we can exchange ideas and gradually get more people integrated into the development process :smile:

Date: aiming for next week
Time: we have seen that 15:00 UTC works best for most global projects
Place: Sticking to a WebRTC browser-based solution would be probably best for everyone!

How does this sound for everyone? Comments/thoughts?


Sounds great! Personally I’d be available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday at 15:00 UTC and later. Out for the count on Tuesday.

Looking forward to meeting more of the community.

Great for me, i have to install some plugin to use WebRTC??

You don’t have to use a plug-in for WebRTC it’s implemented on most modern browsers and it works in all operating systems these browsers work.

I personally use Firefox, but you can use Chrome or Opera too if you like.

Thanks @elkos for the help!!! i use firefox too

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Absolutely! As long as I know it a day or two in advance, any day works!

Same, sounds good. Any weekday is fine as long as I get some notice.

15:00 UTC Looks good

I realize there’s never a day that everyone can attend, but avoiding Mondays at 15:00UTC would be my preference as I can’t attend. All other week days and weekends work for me :-).

OK it is set!

Next Wednesday 2015-04-08 15:00 UTC is our first meeting! I will be posting a separate topic for it.

Hi! it´s will be recorded and later posted online, to download? it´s will be interesting for later listen if someone can´t ear online at that date.


Unfortunately the platform used for the video/audio chat doesn’t have a recording feature. Maybe next time we’ll try to use a screencast application for recording it.