Filters and Scheduling

I’m a newby to SatNogs so my apologies if these two topics have been aired before:
Is there a filter on the scheduling page (or elsewhere) to choose between only listing VHF, UHF, and SUHF sats’?
My ground station is really only set up for VHF at present, which means (until much more experienced) that I have to check out each sat’ pass to see if its transmitting on (in my case) VHF - which takes an age.
Secondly, is there a way to organise bulk scheduling and also repeat scheduling for a chosen sat’ or sat’s?
BTW I’m running both Mac and Linux equipment (and RasPi, of course).
Many thanks in advance for any replies.

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@m0roj for finding passes for your station (filtered by the frequency that it can receive) you can go to your station page and click “Calculate Future Passes” button, and then schedule the passes you want.

For more automated scheduling, until it gets merged to/supported by the Network, you can use the satnogs-auto-scheduler project.

Many thanks, @fredy. Yes, I do understand the present scheduling method, but I was ideally wanting to omit all UHF and SUHF only satellites, thus having only VHF sats’ remaining from which to choose scheduling. It would save a lot of time in having to open up each sat’ page to see the downlink frequency(ies).
The satnogs-auto-scheduler could have the same facility. It does look interesting and I shall build it and see if it can be modified…
Thanks again, best wishes, and happy SNogging

Try to edit antennas at your ground station settings. You can set some (and only) antenna for a certain band and edit frequecies as well. If you have no antenna for, say, 430-450 Mhz in your list, you should not get any possible shedule to control that band in your passes calculations. I’m not absolutely sure, however, if it is exactly your case, so try it yourself :).

@Alegz that’s a good tip. Thank you. And it works sufficiently well for my purpose - until I erect my 435MHz QFH antenna.
Best wishes and happy SNogging.

The auto scheduler will obey your station’s settings. There is no need to modify the auto scheduler.

@mfalkvidd - thank you for your advice. I shall be doing some testing over this weekend.