Filtering a satnogs database query

I just wanted to know whether there is an easy way to get a list of all the scheduled observations for a specific satellite that will be processed in the future?

The following URL gives me all observations for a specific satellite but how to filter by something like
‘start >= 2018-11-28:00:00:00’ ??


You can filter for

  • start time greater or equal to a specified time
  • end time smaller or equal to a specified time


no documentation yet. The server-side implementation can be found here:

Sincerely, Fabian

Hi @kerel ,
I searched for this in the source code but could not find it.

Thanks for your help, it works :+1:

is there a limit for API requests?
I found out that I get only 25 future observations for any satellite using the API. When I check the observations website there are more than 25 future observations.

Example right now: Unisat-6

38 observations vs 25 observations :frowning:

Is there an explanation for this and a way to get all observations using the API?

Thanks for any help!

look for page 2:

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Ah, cool. Thanks.
Is there a way to determine the total number of pages with a simple request?

Ok, there is a “next” and “previous”.
I will continue with the requests library in my python project.