Files for 3D printing

Hi guys. I have a newbie question

  1. Which commit from the repository to choose for printing? Unfortunately repo has no brunches with versions structure, wherefore I focus on tags. Version 3.1 is in pre-release stage, so is it advisable to choose version 3.0.1? After commit with tag 3.0.1 there are many fixes, they also apply to version 3.0.1 or only for new 3.1?
  2. In the repo readme is written that

When all parts and assemblies are ready and working properly, a release is done with tagging the last commit and a file with all fabrication files like *.stl, *.step, *.pdf (for drawings), .dxf (for 2D parts) are generated which each file is naming with pn_revN.

But there are no such files if I switch to commit with tag 3.0.1.

I have no experience in 3d printing, so I was going to send the necessary files to the print service. They accept only .stl and .obj files. I must install freecad and manually convert .fcstd files to .obj from rotator_parts directory?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey! I suggest you to build v3.1. In the wiki you can find details about parts and assembly of v3.1. You can post photos about your build of ground station, in category:gallery.

The reason that the v3.1 is in pre-release stage is the remaining issues #73 and #76 which are not critical.

This is a nice build of v3.1, Quartapounds SatNOGS Rotator v3.1.

The above is introduced with v3.1, that is the reason that you can’t find fabrication files in v3.0.1 tag.