Feature RQ: LNA switching + Downconverter offset

Hi Chaps,

I have three feature requests;

  1. External downconverter support. This should have a configurable LO frequency and high/low side mix option. The frequency from SatNogs scheduler would be computed for Doppler at the original frequency, but the SDR tune frequency would have the LO offset + mixing sideband options applied. This would for example be very useful for S-Band satellites at 2200-2300MHz where the majority of SDR’s are poor performers.

  2. LNA / Antenna switching. This would have a config file with upper / lower frequency limits and tuning between these limits would toggle a GPIO pin high. for example:

Freq Hz / GPIO Pin
136000000-150000000 1
432000000-470000000 2
2200000000-2300000000 3

At the end of the pass, all GPIO pins in the config file would be set low to turn off anything unused in terms of LNA / external D/C etc.

  1. Repeat Scheduling. When selecting a satellite for a scheduled observation, you should be able to select all future passes that are visible from the ground station.

Thanks for Considering.


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Hi @pjm – good ideas! Is there any chance you could submit a feature request at https://gitlab.com/librespacefoundation/satnogs/satnogs-network/issues? (Personally, I’d love to see #3 :slight_smile:)

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