Feature request?

Hello all,

I am not sure how “alive” the gpredict project is ? Can we still suggest features ? I see old dates on posts with feature request and I was wondering if we could still send suggestions ?

If so, where can I post suggestions ? Here ?

I’d like to see that in the transponder drop down menu it would send the mode (SSB, FM, CW, Data) and tone to the radio along with the frequency doppler.

I would also like to see new visible field like AOS azimuth and max elevation of upcoming pass along with count down timer of upcoming pass…

If feature request are still accepted, how can we follow the acceptance of the request and follow the implementation of the suggestions ?

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There is not much time leftover to deal with feature requests along bug fixes etc.

Again, probably no good news for you…

Still you can start on your own :smile:

so gpredict is a dead project then if I understand correctly…

No it is not! But resources are very limited…

ok, I missinterpret your previous reply then… well, it is sad to see that support and resources are so limited… I wish I knew how to push this project…

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Hi @aleziss

Gpredict is not dead at all; however, as @DL4PD points out, time and resources are very limited. I often work 60-80 hours per week and also have family and friends to take care of before I sit down to work on spare time projects like gpredict.

Featur requersts and bugs are tracked here: https://github.com/csete/gpredict/issues - you are welcome to add your own here, but please check the existing ones first.


@csete first, speaking of time, thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my questions. I understand that gpredict is last before family, friends and work.

I did review the link you provided on current bugs and feature request, some post include one of my suggestion and date back to july 2018 where you also did reply it is to be considered.

If I knew how, I would help on the programming side but I don’t have that talent. I guess I’ll have to be patient now that I know gpredict is not a dead program. It is just short of skilled programmers…

Thank you very much again for your time.