Feature request: to define dedicated station for observation

Hi all,

this might already an often asked issue. but to prevent value station time i would like to define the participating stations for an observation campaign. This would allow to keep a station still public mode but running some local tests.
if there is already such feature please le me know. if not, consideration to network or client would be a great help and liked feature,

br Robert

Not sure if I get it correctly what you ask. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

There is the standalone mode that you can activate on your station and this will list your station as offline while you locally can do anything you want. When you finish you just turn from standalone mode to network mode.

These modes are currently available in the web interface in port 5000 on your station.

There is also testing mode in your station settings in network site, you can activate it and this means that your station will be only available to you to schedule (and for admins if there is any need).

You also talk about observation campaign… if that means you want your station to observe specific satellites/transmitters, unfortunately we haven’t yet an official way to do this. The way people have managed this is by adding the satellites/transmitters they want into their station description. This works for now until we got a specific solution for this issue.

Finally if now by campaign you mean you want to schedule all the stations to watch a satellite, like we do usually on ISS events, or for satellites that starting transmitting again after a period of silence, then… unfortunately the way we have now is broken as it allows observations with 0 seconds duration or very small duration like 1 or 2 min.

So until it is fixed we avoid using the massive scheduling for observations through the new observation page and we prefer to schedule observations from stations pages.

Generally we are in progress to automate the whole scheduling process with respecting station owners and at the same time do the the most optimal and meaningful scheduling. This needs several steps to be completed and we have already started implementing some of them, slowly but steadily.

I hope I covered you, please let me know if you have any further questions. :wink:

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many thanks for the detailed description but this is not the idea i thought of.
I noticed especial for crowded areas as like europe that there are several stations is acting for an observation. This is basically a good idea to gain much as possible data. right for data seeking teams a good thing.
but for commodity tasks this might be an overkill. especially if i know that my station will take the thing i dislike going into the isolated mode which will prevent other observations as well.
therefor it would be help to opt out stations for an upcoming task which will lead to possible more parallel compaigns running the same time for a crowded area.
Of course using parallel feeds for non rotating stations will help as well. but for rotating systems this might lead to blocked stations because of pointing it to another bird…

said with other words: i would like to compaign non standard statellites or abandoned. This not in isolated mode, still open for upcoming compaigns with help of some opt out option to select the participating stations.

I hope i described the idea what i’l looking for.

br Robert

hi all, is a Chance to make this Change possible and determine the participating stations for a Campaign? since i Level up to eme i was wondering if celestrial bodies could be also added to the database. This would allow me to run scientific or just fur fun eme session as like as the fancy chinese sat which is sending Pictures down on 70cm. since not messing and Blocking others Station it would be great just to select my Station for such…

any thoughts on this?
br Robert