Feature request: The ability to sort and/or search observations by different columns


I believe it would be a great ability to have the sort the observations of different satellites (and also for ground stations) by the columns. Also, to upgrade the search function to include not only the 8 filters that are currently there but all the columns for satellites or ground stations (frequency, mode, etc). Furthermore, I think for the frequencies it would be useful to include a slider and/or bottom and top limits.

As an example, it would be quite tedious to find a successful observation of a particular mode of ISS : https://network.satnogs.org/observations/?future=0&bad=0&unknown=0&failed=0&norad=25544&observer=&station=&start=&end=


For the filters there are open issues:

If these don’t cover all the cases you refer to, please open new issues.

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or even better submit a Merge Request with your contribution! :slight_smile:

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There isn’t a merge request for issues, is there? As far as I understand the e-mail to merge request is only for a some other branch into the main one.

@fredy These are quite close actually. The only one which would be missing is by “ID” then. Not really useful but I guess shouldn’t be too much of a hassle to add once the implementation is in progress?
“Sort by” function, which is not mentioned in either “issue”, would be something useful.