Feature request: network polar plot entry/exit marker


if spare time is let i would see a new feature for the polar plot display as follows:

  • placing a green dot as marker of the rise degree
  • placing a red dot as marker of the set degree

This will enhance the view for future and current rotor movement (to get an idea about the path) for later rotor cam checks (if rotor didn’t stuck somehow).

thanks for considering br Robert

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Hi Robert,

Feature was implemented in https://gitlab.com/librespacefoundation/satnogs/satnogs-network/merge_requests/490 and is now live in dev and production, thanks to the latest deployment of satnogs-network by @fredy and @pierros.

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Hi Fabian,

many thanks for the addition. Will check this later on, just recovering my station from a direct strike.

thanks again, br Robert

Yikes! That poor SDR and Pi