Feature request: configure flag frequency misuse ops prevention or sat blacklist per station

to prevent that my station will participate on campaigns initiated not by admins and myself for satellite doing a frequency misuse i’d like to see a configure able flag in the station dashboard.
something like a simple checkbox: station will not support frequency misuse observations.
if such is not possible a blacklist of stations per satellite would work as well.

since supporting the net with my hardware and power i dislike the idea supporting something against my believes.

many thanks in advance considering such feature, br Robert



this is a very reasonable feature request. Now that satnogs-db is keeping track of the IARU coordination status, such a feature is certainly possible.

It’s planned to disable demodulation for all violating satellites on all stations. I can certainly say that LSF doesn’t want to support frequency violations in amateur bands.

By disabling scheduling for all violating satellites on all stations SatNOGS looses the ability to track violators. That’s why it’s not planned to disable scheduling altogether for violating satellites yet.

I hope that this is in alignment with your intentions!



Many thanks for your reply,

your approach is more radical than my request and is fine to me. what i’ve been looking for is the feature that i can determine for my station if i’ll observe such satellite (including) data or not. In perspective of active documentation of the violation the reception without decoding and therefor not being able to download the raw data as well is suitable. something like: we see you and keep data for documentation, but no usage of data is possible.

many thanks for outlining. i look forward to the implementation which will allow a post processing if things were changing.

br Robert


@kerel beat me on answering this :smiley: . So, I confirm the intention of limiting(stopping) the “support” of such missions but as you said to continue documenting the violations. It is high on the development priorities, so it will be implemented soon after we finish with some maintenance tasks.



Our team supports removing all functionality for violating satellites. If it’s necessary to track them right after deployment to aid in identifying the non-violating satellites, that’s fine, but as soon as everyone is identified, SatNOGS shouldn’t allow observations to be scheduled. The IARU coordination process is not the most fun thing to go through, and SatNOGS supporting groups who disregard the process is simply encouraging more people to ignore the rules.

Without SatNOGS, violating groups would have to rely on individuals to track their satellite, and those people are much less likely to spend the time to observe violating sats. Unfortunately, the network is being abused by violating groups to schedule thousands of observations that overlap with the satellites that have actually gone through the proper process.

In my opinion, if teams know that they can use the amazing tool that is the SatNOGS network without going through the proper coordination process, they will continue to do so. My suggestion is to not allow observations of violating satellites to be scheduled at all.

-Jack K7RSW

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