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We noticed that Faraday-Phoenix frequency is set to 401.500. However it is 401.150. (I think there is another satellite from the same launch on that frequency.) I requested a update, but it disappeared.

We love it that so many people are trying to listen out for it! Good luck in the observations!

Richard (In Space Missions)

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Hi @M0GSN,

I have sent you an email about that suggestion, maybe it is in your junk folder. Anyway, there wasn’t a citation for this frequency change so I had to reject it.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I understand that you are from the team or you have direct communication with them. So, I’m going to use this thread here for the citation field in the frequency change. But if there is any other source, please share it.

Please also let us know for other parameters of the transmitter, for example the mode that it uses, the baudrate etc…

PS I’m going to update all the future scheduled observations with the new frequency and also re-vet the old ones.

Hi, yes, I’m the system engineer for the spacecraft at In Space. Apologies, I didn’t realise you could put a citation in. In a bit of bad timing now the frequency is sorted, the beacon may be off / on a bit for a few days so if you don’t hear anything that is expected, but I’ll try and drop info on here when I can.


@M0GSN do you have any updates from the satellite? Is it deployed from its deployer “Sherpa-LTE1”?

In Network we haven’t managed to receive it yet.