Falcon Heavy Launch 2019-06-24


According to Nasa’s site a falcon heavy launch will be happening. Upon investigation on Gunter’s Space Page I found that it will also be carrying multiple Amateur Radio Sats.

Prox 1 ( Nanosat 7) - http://www.amsatuk.me.uk/iaru/finished_detail.php?serialnum=437
LightSail B - (Launching from Prox 1) - http://www.amsatuk.me.uk/iaru/finished_detail.php?serialnum=489
ARMADILLO - http://www.amsatuk.me.uk/iaru/finished_detail.php?serialnum=237
PSat-2 - http://www.amsatuk.me.uk/iaru/finished_detail.php?serialnum=473
BRICSat-2 - Nothing on IARU for this on. - Freqs listed here
CP-9 - http://www.amsatuk.me.uk/iaru/finished_detail.php?serialnum=481
Oculus-ASR - http://www.amsatuk.me.uk/iaru/finished_detail.php?serialnum=266
E-TBEx-a and E-TBEx-b - http://www.amsatuk.me.uk/iaru/finished_detail.php?serialnum=502

Those are all the ones I found on the launch page. Might be more as I only found these by searching the name in the IARU lists.


Small update on the date. https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/media-briefing-highlights-nasa-tech-on-next-spacex-falcon-heavy-launch


E-TBEx-a and E-TBE-b format information https://exploration.engin.umich.edu/blog/?page_id=3257 Also has TLE the they should have. So this can help us get TLE for some other sats depending on how they are ejected from the Falcon Heavy.