Fake RTL-SDRs on fleebay

My GS ID 724 was working well, then suddenly while I was a way, It went really bad, Lots of noise in the waterfall. This was caused by the Fake fleebay rtl-sdr v3 which I replaced with an el-cheapo $11 version which was working before. In fairness, I got a full refund…eventually.

Be aware there are many fake rtl-sdr dongles out there. Most of them. If you know where I can buy a guaranteed genuine V3 rtl-sdr please let me know. Unfortunately buying a Chinese product via the US makes it very expensive because of the ridiculous US and Australian postal charges.

Directly from rtl-sdr blog


A list of “local” resalers plus the amazon link for them/.


Thanks William
Just placed an order. Only a couple of dollars more than the fakes when you convert $US to $AUS
73 Bob vk2byf