Failed Observation (-1000) - But data was posted and was a good observation

Hi all,

The following observation was made today - for some reason the system marked it as failed (-1000), but the obs was good and data/audio was posted:

Does anyone have any ideas? I am able to override the failed classification, but am not sure why it is there in the first place.



This happened because the audio duration has more than 1min difference from the scheduled one, specifically the audio duration is 13min 35s while the scheduled one is 17m 44s. Usually this happens when there are lost samples (cpu can not handle all the samples coming from the SDR), if you face this a lot then check the logs for multiple O’s like “OOOOOO”, this means that there are lost samples.

If the lost samples is the case then you can decrease the sample rate you use, check also this thread.