Existing hardware setup with SATNOG software?

Dear community members,

First I like to introduce my setup.
I own a 1,5 m parabolic dish (f/t ratio = 0,41) with a home made support.
For the azimuth an elevation movments, I use stepper motors from the manufacturer “Berger Lahr”.
The „Berger Lahr“ power amplifier drives the stepper motors.
My setup provides the signals (aproximity switches) Elevation 90° and Azimuth 0° (=north).

The implemented (industrial) gears are a planetary drive (azimuth) and a worm gear (elevation).

What the stepper control units needs, are only the signals (direction, steps/pulse, and maybe enable) for each axis.

What I missing is the appropriated computer control (with, or without a PC)
Now the question:

Can I use the provided satnog (stepper) software to control my antenna setup ?