ESA Summer of Code in Space 2019

The European Space Agency is again going to run [Summer Of Code in Space aka SOCIS] (

Libre Space Foundation aims to participate as mentoring organization on SOCIS.

Although similar to Google Summer of Code ESA-SOCIS giving students the opportunity to on an open source project during their summer break providing them with a stipend, it has aslightly different focus, and different rules.

:rocket: SOCIS is focused on space related project more specifically this years SOCIS is focused on Artificial Intelligence and Earth Observation though all space related open source projects are eligible.

Organization willing to participate on SOCIS will have to provide up to 5 project ideas for students to implement before they get selected to participate on SOCIS. The ESA/SOCIS committee will pick on the relevant projects that fit within the program

So If you have ideas relevant to AI and EO don’t hesitate to share them with the community following a similar process like the one we used for other Summer Of Code initiatives. Already @crespum from the polaris project have reached already for a proposal


Hello ! Do you know if there will be a SOCIS 2021 ?

Not as far as we know