Errors on NOAA Waterfall w/ pi image

I’ve been working with the RPi image and have noticed that I’m very rarely getting any waterfalls uploaded when receiving transmissions from NOAA satellites. I’ve reviewed the logs and this error seems to be present around each failure:

Sep 29 21:22:05 satnogsVHF satnogs-client[552]: “/usr/share/satnogs/scripts/”, line 43: out of memory for expanding curve points

Would anyone be able to offer any thoughts on overcoming?


Unfortunately, gnuplot which is used to create the waterfall, eats up all RPi RAM when processing long observations. We should either replace or refactor the gnuplot script to fix this issue.

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Unfortunately, I have tried several other ways to minimize the memory consumption of gnuplot, but it seems that it is not possible, at least for image typed plots like ours. I am currently trying to find a more efficient solution by dropping entirely the gnuplot.

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