Error when accessing certain satellite pages

I wanna download whole data about ZHUHAI-1 OVS-01 and UVSQ-SAT. But, the page says 502 bad gateway. Is it because these satellites have so many data? and is there any other way to download all the data except using SatNogs API? I think it is impossible to download whole data using the API.

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Thank you for reaching out, we will examine this issue as soon as possible.

Unfortunately until then data will be accessible only by the API.

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@raynor the issue is now solved and you can have access to the satellite pages.

Thanks a lot!

I got a download link successfully. However, the page said,
스크린샷 2024-02-02 000622
Sorry for the asking again. There is another error. I think it’s because of too large data file. Could you handle this one?

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I’ll take a look the next week, as currently I’m traveling for an event and my time is limited.

Thank you for the replying! I’ll wait.

From a quick look it is indeed the size of the file. I’ll open an issue on devops team to check this and find a solution.