Error on Log and no waterfall

Hello my friends:
I am Ruben from Spain (#255)
Sometimes i get this error:

Jan 21 15:26:22 raspberrypi satnogs-client[353]: Assertion ‘fclose_nointr(f) != -EBADF’ failed at …/src/basic/fd-util.c:117, function safe_fclose(). Aborting.
Jan 21 15:26:26 raspberrypi satnogs-client[353]: - ERROR - No waterfall data file found

and these times i don’t get waterfall or data.

Do you know where is the problem?


Hi Ruben!

The first log message appears to be related to USB communication problems, which cause the recording to fail. Thus probably neither audio, waterfall nor decoded data frames are recorded.

The second log message just confirms this, when the client tries to upload results (satnogs-client#384).

I don’t know exactly what could cause this issue. In case it becomes persistent you could try to reset the USB communication, by either physically disconnecting and reconnecting the USB device, or by a software reset. There are people in this community who have written scripts for that, I don’t remember who it was though.


Instructions for software reset of usb is available at Troubleshooting - SatNOGS Wiki

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A lot of thank’s for your help