Error 401 client error Unauthorized for url:

I reinstalled with a new RaspberryPi image and run into trouble to connect to the network.
Mar 24 01:33:24 satnogs1 satnogs-client[373]: satnogsclient.scheduler.tasks - ERROR - 401 Client Error: Unauthorized for url:

Updated the Linux OS and the Satnogs-config, applyed the configuration and rebooted. Still problem.

Thanks all here. 73 Jan Olof

@sm0ifp Maybe try re-entering your API key via satnogs-setup → Basic → SATNOGS_API_TOKEN and make sure there are no errant punctuations/characters in there.

Also check your RX DEVICE setting, your metadata shows it being set as “rtlsdr” when it should be set as “driver=rtlsdr”. I doubt this is causing your ‘client error unauthorized’ but it’s the next error you will run into once you get that figured out.


I have renter the API key and updated the configuration. Still same error but I will wait a while.
Tnx for the pointing in right direction.
73 Jan Olof

@sm0ifp please copy paste here the output of support report. Follow the next steps:

  1. Run sudo satnogs-setup
  2. Select Advanced
  3. Then select Support
  4. Wait for report to be generated (this may take some seconds or minutes)
  5. Copy paste it here.

Usually unauthorized access means either you don’t have in configuration the right API key or the right ID of your station. The report will give us a hint.

I type the API key wrong two times and didn´t see the typo. All good now.
I was not able to copy from windows 10 to putty terminal as I use to do.
Tnx for alla help.

keep up the good work.
73 Jan Olof

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