EQUiSat EOL observations

EQUiSat (43552) is nearing de-orbit. Deployed July 2018 we estimate that it will reenter the atmosphere around new year’s, give or take a week.

Observations indicate that it is currently in low power mode. (40 seconds between transmission bursts) Due to a favorable beta angle there is a good chance that it could become more active and enter normal power mode in the next two weeks with a peak in sunlight on Nov. 29. In addition to more frequent transmission (20 seconds) the packets contain more detailed data. Any additional observations would be greatly appreciated during this time.




Some observations have been scheduled. More will be scheduled the next days, we are tracking this request in https://gitlab.com/librespacefoundation/satnogs-ops/-/issues/140. If there are any details please add them as a comment inside that issue.


(and they get noticeably louder as they get closer). HI


Thanks! We’re already seeing encouraging signs. The two packets decoded from Observation #3188152 were a little garbled but it looks like the satellite did briefly exit low power mode.


Observations 3209861 and 3212881 show very strong signal strength and the decoded data indicates that the satellite is more consistently in normal power mode.

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