Epsilon F5 - 2021-11-09 00:55:16 UTC

There are several satellites in this launch. Here we will have all the updates for them.

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4 satellites are now in DB with temporary NORAD IDs:

Satellite Temporary NORAD ID
NanoDragon 99515
KOSEN-1 99516
Z-Sat 99517
TeikyoSat-4 99518

Also we have some preliminary TLE sets from email in AMSAT BB list:

1 99999U 00000A   21274.08501157  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0  0001
2 99999  97.6009 333.5291 0015357 250.7552 149.2984 15.02511268000032
1 99998U 21998AAA 21274.08513890  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0    06
2 99998  97.6000 333.2274 0006300 217.1100 187.2500 15.03490531    07
1 88888U 21888B   21274.08333333  .00000000  00000-0  00000-0 0  9999
2 88888  97.6110 333.5200 0000500 011.7100 014.830  15.01956764 00007

The satellites will be available for scheduling ~2-3 hours before launch.


Observations have been scheduled for the first ~12h after the launch, in more detail:

Satellite Temporary NORAD ID Observations
NanoDragon 99515 80
KOSEN-1 99516 101
Z-Sat 99517 105
TeikyoSat-4 99518 106

EDIT: For NanoDragon we used the TLE set of KOSEN-1 as the ones that are available online, locate it 5min away from the others, which is strange as it will be deployed some seconds after KUSEN-1 according to the schedule.


Unfortunately due to some ground station error, the launch didn’t happen. I’ve removed all the future observations until we have any updates.


Well this seems to be business as usual, thanks for all the preparation and for sharing the information.


Hi all,
I’m NanoDragon Team.
Anyone know how to generate TLE sets from orbital elements given by the launcher?
We got the information and tried but it doesn’t seem to be correct.
Thanks a lot for your interest and fingers crossed for the next launch (hopefully soon).
Thank you!



Don’t know the format that you have been provided with, but if you would like to share the data then people here may be able to help.

Also, you may find the rv2tle utility available at https://github.com/cbassa/sattools to be helpful.

-Scott, K4KDR


I have used the faketle tool from the sattools toolset.

faketle q:Q:i:I:w:t:m:n:d:

-q   Perigee altitude (km)
-Q   Apogee altitude (km)
-I   Orbital inclination (deg)
-n   RA of the ascending node (deg)
-w   Argument of perigee (deg)
-m   Mean anomaly (deg)
-t   Epoch (YYYY-mm-ddThh:mm:ss)
-i   Satellite number
-d   Time offset from epoch (s)

faketle -q 203.12 -Q 565.69 -I 97.60 -n 333.52 -w 203.12 -m 202.74 -t 2021-10-01T00:57:00 -i 99995 -d 300

Based on the information provided on your website this creates the following TLE:
This example uses the previous launch moment 2021-10-01 00:57:00 UTC.

1 99995U          21274.04305556  .00000000  00000-0  50000-4 0    07
2 99995  97.6000 333.5200 0268073 203.1200 202.7400 15.61126712    02

When I use this TLE and the original you provided I get the following orbit.

Jan - PE0SAT


Is there already some news on when Epsilon will be launched?

The launch is now scheduled for the moment on October 3 at 00:00 UTC.

It would be good to know if this is indeed the case https://site-amsat--f-org.translate.goog/2021/10/03/teikyosat-4ts-4-z-sat-kosen-1-et-nanodragon-lancement-reporte-au-3-octobre/?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=nl&_x_tr_pto=nui

I always think that 00.00 is at the start of the day. This means it should have happened about 15 hours ago. I don’t know… :thinking::smiley:

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that was also my first idea

I can not find somewhere any info about it… no info at all when the new attempt will happen.

EDIT: I would expect an update here 革新的衛星技術実証2号機|JAXA|研究開発部門

I have asked amsat-f on twitter if they can share there source.

Thanks a lot for helping us with the TLE generating, we use STK and the result is slightly different, but we can double check and choose the most correct orbit to follow.
Up to this moment, no official announcement from JAXA about the next attempt yet, we’re waiting too. Thanks a lot for keeping up with us!


Yes Fredy, there will be an update on Jaxa’s official website, for the English version: JAXA | Press Release (2021)


New launch date updated:

Please stay with us ^^

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Thanks for the update, I’ve just updated the timestamp on the title, now we will need to re-calculate the TLE sets.


For Nano Dragon,
Please use this TLE set:

1 99999U          21280.08607639  .00000089  00000-0  66973-5 0 00003
2 99999 097.6244 333.8076 0015192 241.1433 164.8409 15.02583209000451

Thank you


Appreciate the updates very much!

Is info available on how soon after lift-off we can expect transmitter activations from any of the satellites?


-Scott, K4KDR