Eggbeater Antenna Tested In Our Anechoic Chamber (432 MHz)

Hello all ! This may be of some interest to you.

Real test data can be hard to find on amateur antennas. I purchased a 70 cm “eggbeater” from M2 systems, and did a full frequency swept 3D vector-gain test program on it. You can see the results and download the data from the link here …

Enjoy! /Glenn


Hey Glenn! Your blog post says that you will be permanently installing this outside, have you done that yet? How has performance been? I’m interested because I’m thinking about buying this antenna also.

:joy:Hi @bklofas,

The intent is to put the eggbeater and some other LEO sat antennas up on the back of our lab’s building. We are still waiting for the landlord’s permission. Sorry about the delay :sob:

P.S. If that doesn’t work out, I need to get the wife’s permission to put it up at home :sweat_smile: