Edit gr-satnogs to listen live

Example with fm_demod.grc :

Add Float to Short block with scale at 32767 And UDP sink block with address ip of destination host (here and choose port (here 3448).
Build graph and chmod 755 satnogs_fm_demod.py and copy satnogs_fm_demod.py to /usr/bin/

Launch VLC media player on destination host : vlc --demux=rawaud --rawaud-channels=1 --rawaud-samplerate=48000 udp://@:3448

And now listen next ARISS Contact in live with your satnogs station.

You can reproduce this with other module…

PS : GNU radio UDP sink not support broadcast address, only one host can listen


For reduce bandwith (mp3@32k) and listen from Internet, i’ve use gr-streamsink and icecast2

Icecast fallback with file mp3 filled the buffer and commutation between fallback and live is very long.
I’ve use ffmpeg with blank mp3 with -re option for reduce commutation time.

ffmpeg -re -stream_loop -1 -i silence-16-32.mp3 -c:a libmp3lame -content_type audio/mpeg -b:a 32k -legacy_icecast 1 -f mp3 icecast://user:password@


Many thanks @michel for pointing that out.

Would it be possible to choose an audio-sink to listen live on the RPI?

73 Oliver