EdgeCube [ 99832 ] deemed non-operational


Out of curiosity after seeing a long history of failed observations since launch and unable to find any updates on the web about EdgeCube’s fate, I reached out to the EdgeCube team at Sonoma State University and received this reply:

We were never able to receive any packets from EdgeCube. We think that
it’s radio transmitter antenna was not performing at the level we had
expected and have verified the design flaw with a laboratory-based
copy. We had to change our antenna design at the last minute …
We built a more sensitive ground station but it was also
unable to hear anything from EdgeCube.
Therefore we concluded that the mission had failed and we stopped
trying to hear from it after July 2020.

@fredy Can I make the change from operational to non-operational in DB or do I need to request the change be made? Or leave it alone in case it comes alive again one day?


Yes please add a suggestion and as citation add a link to the post here. Just have in mind that for now we can not schedule any dead satellite in Network, this is why we keep some of them in alive status even if they are not. However this should be fixed in Network and not affect DB and I think there is a related issue already for that.

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