Ebay SPF5189Z LNA Gain measurements



I’ve bought a cheap LNA based on SPF5189Z from ebay.
I’ve installed it on my receiving station to improve the bad NF of RTL2832 dongle.
Here you can find some measurements I’ve done on Vector Network Analyzer: https://iz7boj.wordpress.com/2019/04/11/spf5189z-lna-measurements-on-vna/
I’m tuning the gain of the dongle in order to optimize overall S/N. I’ll let you know at the end how it works.

Alfredo IZ7BOJ


Hey, Nice!! it would be nice also to make a page about this in wiki.


Thank you @azisi. I added a link to my article from the “Build” page, but I think we should create a completely new page for the LNA reviews. How can I do it? I think I can’t create a new page, but only edit the existing ones.


Log in wiki and then add your page:


Oh, simpler than I thought.
I’ve just created it: https://wiki.satnogs.org/SPF1589_LNA_measurements